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Easy ISMS Terms & Conditions

Easy ISMS is a powerfull Power App that help organizations to implement and manage an information security management system (ISMS).

Easy ISMS is more than compliance, it is a management system to help organizations to continually update their information security system.

Easy ISMS is independent of standards and work as well with ISO-27001, NIST, CIS-18 and other standards. You can even build your own threat catalog and controls catalog.

Easy ISMS is licensed based on user counts in intervals.

1 user

2-5 users

6-10 users

11-15 users

15+ users

Normally only some employees in an organization need access to Easy ISMS. Every user need a Power Apps license to use Easy ISMS.

The price model is subscription based on a yearly price.

Please contact sales to receive a quote for your organization.

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