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Easy ISMS makes it possible for all companies to work with IT- and Cybersecurity, with an ISMS solutions all IT-security related tasks are collected in one easy to use and affordable administrative system.

This makes it easy to keep an overview, collaberate and secure the continuous improvement of the security system.

Easy ISMS is flexible and build on modern cloudtechnology from Microsoft this means that you have your own database fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Information assets

Create all information assets in an easy to use database, with full asset registration of backup, antimalware and software versions.

Risk analysis and mitigation

Create periodical risk analysis based on threat catalogues. And manage mitigation.

Annual wheel

Manage periodical tasks and collaborate on tasks.

Follow-up on tasks integrated with Outlook and Microsoft To Do.

Security documents

Keep track of all security documents and connect documents to assets, suppliers and other entities.


Manage IT-security controls. Based on control catalogues like ISO-27001, CIS-18 or create your own control catalogue.

Security incidents

Create and manage all IT-security incidents.

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